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James Rizzi: Porzellanobjekt 'Traffic in the bi...
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Alles in seinem New York war für Pop-Art-Künstler James Rizzi lebendig und liebenswürdig. Tischskulptur aus edlem Porzellan auf Sockel. Limitierte Auflage 999 Exemplare, mit Zertifikat. Format inkl. Sockel 31 x 24,5 x 13 cm (H/B/T). Kunst ganz einfach online bei ars mundi kaufen - bei einem der großen Kunstversender Europas

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Stand: 20.02.2020
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Delirious Delhi: Inside India's Incredible Capi...
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Delhi exists in a kind of quantum state: In Delhi, all things are true at once. When the Big Apple no longer felt big enough, Dave and Jenny moved to a city of 16 million people and, seemingly, twice that many horns honking at once. Delirious Delhi depicts India's capital as the two experienced it, from office life in the rising tech hubs to the traffic jam philosophy that keeps people sane in the gridlock leading to them. With only their sense of humour as their guide, Dave and Jenny set out to explore a city in which ancient stone monuments compete with glass-clad shopping malls to define the landscape. What follows is a top-to-bottom snapshot of a city in the thick of loud and accelerating change. Anyone new to Delhi will have their understanding of it magnified by this book. And anyone who already knows Delhi will appreciate this candid tribute to a city that's everything to everyone at the same time. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Sanjiv Jhaveri. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: 20.02.2020
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